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Nanoblock ?
Nanoblocks is japanese building toys.(japanese technology) Nanoblock is the smallest block toy in the world. This amazingly small micro sized block makes it possible tocreate more detailed and even smaller projects than what can be made with standard sized blocks. Nanoblock is a stimulating and entertaining hobby material for everybody ,nanoblocks scene collection especially for grown-ups.
The smaller it is,the more realistic the work becomes!
We can send out new items of the Nanoblocks put on the market in Japan to you.

nanoblock mini collection nanoblock scene collection nanoblock lovely gift
This series is from 70 to about 200 pieces. The work can be easily assembled at the time of about one hour. When trying, it is a recommended series. The musical instrument series and the small bird series are popular.   This series is 200 pieces or more. It is necessary even to complete it for several hours because there are a lot of numbers of peace. This series can assemble the tourist spot in the world in the block. All are palmtop. This series is the best for the present such as the birthday, the wedding anniversary, and Mother's Day. This series is popular among the girl and the woman because it is lovely even if it collects.
 Real Hobby Series    
 This series is all 1000 pieces or more. There is an item that the plastic model manufacturer in Japan supervised in this series. A lot of days are necessary until completing it. The perfection of the work is high.      
Recommendation Items
standard color set nanoblock
Standard Color Set
dark tone color set nanoblock
Dark Tone Color Set
mono tone color set nanoblock

Mono Tone Color Set

US36.00 US36.00

Space Center Deluxe

battleship yamato nanoblock

Battleship Yamato
US95.00 US45.00
sydney opera house nanoblock
Sydney Opera House

basic set nanoblock
Basic Set
US19.00 US30.00 US68.00
statue of liberty nanoblock led plate nanoblock
LED Plate
hina doll nanoblock

Hina Doll

US30.00 US15.00 US10.00
saint basil's cathedral nanoblock rikakkuma nanoblock nanoblock tintin shark submarine
Shark Submarine(TINTIN)
US19.00 US19.00 US82.00
tower bridge nanoblock
Tower Bridge
nanoblock tintin the unicorn
The Unicorn(TINTIN)
US19.50 US123.00
Order and Payment method
The orders are the following two methods. I accept PayPal for the payment ONLY.
1.Shopping cart:
Please click "Add to Cart". In this case, please choose Normal Airmail(SAL) and EMS. Please change,
and update the amount when two items or more is ordered.
Please inform us of name of commodity and quantity by E-mail when you place an order. In this case,please indicate how you would like these products to be shipped.(Normal Airmail(SAL) or EMS)
Afterwards, invoice is sent to you with E-mail.
We will inform you of the product launch with E-mail after confirming payment.

Shipping and Handling to the United States
SALFEconomy, No insurance , At your own risk 10-21 business days.

EMS :Express, insured and tracking number 3-7  business days.(We will recommend EMS.)
Please choose Normal Airmail(SAL) or EMS at add to cart. We will ship to worldwide.
If you buy multiple items,I'll give you a combined shipping discount.
(The combination with other item is also possible.)

I ships within 10 days after receiving your cleared payment.
Not for children under 3 years old.

Age of objectFFor ages 12 and up.
Return policy
The buyer has 30 days to return the item (the buyer pays shipping fees). (It is when unopened.)
The item will be refunded.


This shop is nanoblocks specialty store. Nanoblocks has each series of nanoblocks basic,
the nanoblocks mini collection
, the nanoblocks scene collection,nanoblocks lovely gift, and nanoblocks real hobby.

2014.7.20 Nanoblock New item was added.( Tower Bridge, The Parthenon )
2014.6.21 Nanoblock New item was added.(Rilakkuma music de relax ,Ichigo daisuki Korilakkuma usagi )
2014 5.2 Nanoblock New item was added.( Hina Doll , Koinobori )
2013 11.4 Nanoblocks New item was added.(Santa Claus and Christmas Tree 2013 ,Snowman and Christmas Tree 2013 )
2013 11.2 Nanoblocks New item ws added.(Big Christmas Tree 2013,Santa Claus and Reindeer 2013 )
2013 9.21 Nanoblocks New item was added.( Space Center Deluxe Edition )
2013 9.19 Nanoblocks New item was added.( Jack-o'-Lantern 2013 )
2013.9.9 Nanoblocks New item was added.( Saint Basil's Cathedral ,Sydney Opera House ,Tokyo Tower New, Kaminarimon New )
2013.8.24 Nanoblocks New item was added.( Spotted Garden Eel,Splendid Garden Eel )
2013.8.10 Nanoblocks New item was added.( Green Spotted Puffer , Fiddler Crab , Moon Jellyfish )
2013.8. 9 Nanoblocks New item was added( Green Sea Turtle
, Great White Shark , Manta Ray ,Giant Squid )
2013.7. 20 Nanoblocks New item was added( STATUE of LIBERTY ,EMPIRE STATE BUILDING , P-51 MUSTANG )
2013.7. 4 Nanoblocks New item was added( Rilakkuma no oyatsu time ,
Korilakkuma &Ahiru no omocha )
2013.6. 24 Nanoblocks New item was added( Kumamoto Castle, Sorakara-chan )
2013.6. 21 Nanoblocks New item was added( Sapporo Clock Tower, Statue of Date Masamune )
2013.6. 3 Nanoblocks New item was added( Molen Kinderdijk-Elshout )

2012.11. 17 Nanoblocks New item was added(Angkor Wat ,Great Pyramid of Giza ,Steam Locomotive )
2012.11.11 Nanoblocks New item was added.(Christmas House 2012,Santa Claus 2012,Snowman 2012 ,Christmas Tree 2012,Collection Case(NB-012) )
2012.9. 28 Nanoblocks New item was added(Lion ,Nile Crocodile ,Eurasian Eagle Owl ,Toy Poodle ,Mallard )
2012.9. 21 Nanoblocks New item was added( Jack-o'-Lantern2012 )

2012.9. 5 Nanoblocks New item was added( Seven-spot Ladybird ,Chestnut Tiger Butterfly )

2012.8.27 Nanoblocks New item was added( Praying Mantis ,Asian Giant Hornet ,Golden-ringed Dragonfly )

2012.8.20 Nanoblocks New item was added.(Hercules Beetle ,Giraffe Stag Beetle ,Japanese Rhinoceros Beetle )

2012.8.16 Nanoblocks New item was added.(KUROMI ,MY MELODY ,HELLO KITTY ,CHARMMY KITTY )
2012.7.23 Nanoblocks New item was added.(CINNAMOROLL ,POM POM PUDDING )
2012.6.30 Nanoblocks New item was added.(Little Twin Stars Kiki ,
Little Twin Stars Lala )
2012.6.15 Nanoblocks New item was added.(Torre di Pisa ,Mini Sheep ,Mini Greater Flamingo)

2012.5.26 Nanoblocks New item was added.(Shinkansen HAYABUSA)
2012.4. 19 Nanoblocks New item was added.(Mini Electric Bass ,Mini DJ Set ,Grand Piano White ,Big Ben )

2012.4. 6 Nanoblocks New item was added.(beige(ML-004))
2012.2. 25 Nanoblocks New item was added.(Mini Hippo , Mini French Bulldog Pied )
2012.2. 15 Nanoblocks New item was added.(mamelog yellow(ML-002) ,dark blue(ML-010) )

2011.8.19 Let's try nanoblocks added.
2011.3.7 Testimonials was added.

Thank you for our site's "building" visiting.
Kawada?  @ It is a company of the block toy of Japan. The block toy was put on the market
@@@@@@@@ in 1962. The share that lines up in Japan with the Lego Co. is occupied now.
nanoblocks?  One raised dot is a block of super-mini size of 4mm~4mm.
                    The maximum feature is to be able to make can reproduction to a detailed part,
@@@@@@@@and a small,lovely work. 
Please enjoy the world of nanoblock of Japan.  
nk you
If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Will ship to worldwide.
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