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Testimonials (Voice of the customer)
 It's so cute. Fast shipping too~!!  M.H.
 very cute i love it, cheers.  S.C.
 Quality product, carefully packaged, quick delivery.  R.G.
 Love the mini lego- thank you!  J.W.
 Quality product, carefully packaged and quickly delivered.  N.M.
 Thank you so much for the polar bear in our last order. The nanoblocks are so popular with our friends we have just ordered some more from you :)  T.L
 arrived at my house only a few days after purchase in perfect condition. : )  Z.L.
 Great product. Great service.  L.S
 Nice product, speedy delivery.  D.M.
  Thank you for sending out our order so promptly - it is very much appreciated!
Best wishes from Sydney/Australia,
 Thank you! The nanoblock are really nice! Will look forward to purchase from you again! :)  V.C.
 Noted with thanks. My son is looking forward, he likes Nano-blocks so much.  A.L.
 I have received your toys! They are nice and thanks for the present!
It is very nice of you. Will try out and get from you again. Once
again, thanks!
 Thank you very nice. N.G 
We have received the package, my son is overjoyed. Thank you for your information.
There are more reports from Tepco and others of high radiation, I hope Japan will be able to control the situation promptly.
 I have received the items. Thanks for the prompt service  H.K
 My order arrived today. thank you so much.  M.J 
 Just a short note to let you know that the parcel arrived in good condition this morning.
Thanks for the good service
 Arigato Gozaimasu!
Very fast and good service. Will definitely buy from you again =)
 Thank you so much.
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 We have received the nano blocks product we ordered, much to my sonfs delight. Domo arigato!   R.I
 I look forward to receiving the nanoblock!
Please don't hesitate to send me your new nanoblock items in the store :)
 Arigato gozaimas!    A.C
 I received the package. Thank you. These are so cool!!!    M.L
 Your Nano block package arrived today, September 9th, in Ithaca.  Thank you for your good service.   L.M
 Thank you very much..received your items in perfect condition.   A.M
 Thank you so much!   J.L
 Wanted to let you know I have received my shipment of Nanoblocks. I am happily building a replica of the Parthenon. Many thanks.   M.S
Thank you for your efforts to look into this, and I look forward to making further orders with your company in the future!   B.G
 Hi, i had received my things, thank you so much... It is so cute, so lovely, will buy from you again... ^^   F.C
 Thanks. Have received parcel.   N.B
 Hello, and Thank you very much .I get Box today. Very good package .
I am very happy about that's.
 Thank you for the wonderful holiday service for my family. I'm so grateful. I will be back to order again--we love nanoblocks in all their forms!   S.R
 It is a pleasure to deal with someone who is mannerly and attentive to their customers!   C.H
 I have received my 1st order. Thanks   J.L
 Thank you for the great customer service and wonderful toy!   A.P
 Thanks for the fast response and asistance. I've received it   J.N
 Thank you so much as I have received the package today    A.M
 Domo arigato!   T.C
 Thank you. The package arrived yesterday. It was much more sooner than I expected.   A.H

I just received your package a few minutes ago !!

Thank you so much.  The package and contents arrived in excellent condition.

 Received it today! Fast! Thank you so much!   M.W
 I have received the blocks.   J.J
 The parcel arrived safe and well wrapped yesterday.  Thank you for your prompt repsonse to my order.  I look forward to ordering more of the marvelous nano blocks from you in future,   N.W
 The items arrived, thank you so much for sending them again!

 You can be sure that I will recommend your store to my friends.

 I just received the items from you and the well-prepared package was in excellent shape.Thank you so much. Ifm excited to start creating nanoblock figures and animals from the basic blocks.   C.P
 The package arrived yesterday. Everything is perfect. Thank you so much!   E.W
 The 2 large kits of darktone color and monotone color blocks arrived at theEPFL about 2 hours ago! Thank you very much for the kind gift of the yellow nanoblocks! They will be used for creating a version of one of the yellow birds from the Angry Bird iPhone game application.   C.P
 received with thanks...   J.K
Thank you so much!
I'm so excited about receiving my new nanoblock sets.  This will be something to look forward to very much.
 We received yesterday your box with the two nanoblocks items.
Kids are very happy!
Thanks a lot
 Thank you. My order has arrived and looks great.    L.M
 I received your shipping, everything is ok.   E.F
 I had received the item. Its nice and bubble wrapped.   N.A

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