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Let's try nanoblocks
Nanoblock is an extremely small building block. Because the Nanoblock is small, it is difficult to assemble the block. The standard color set, the mono tone color set, and the dark tone color set don't come with manuals.
nanoblock size
It informs the following site of several examples.
First of all, I prepare the vertical line and what lines horizontally on paper.
The design is written on the paper.
It assembles it in the block based on it.
Because it is difficult to remove this block on the way, I think that you should previously think about the design.
My design.pdf
Example of work
Glasses nanoblock Glasses nanoblock
 Example of work
(cow and mouse)
 cow and mouse nanoblock
 Example of work
(grand piano and pencil)
 grand piano and pencil nanoblock
 Example of work
dog nanoblock 

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